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Sunday, July 14 2024 @ 03:50 AM

Warpstock 2014 Sessions

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John Edwards Opening comments TBA
Martin Iturbide OS2World Martin Iturbide talks about OS2World services like news, forum, wiki and the progress on EDM/2 wiki and the GitHub open Source repository.
Andy Willis Integrating Network Attached Storage Devices in an eComStation Environment This session will outline the basic steps of utilizing a NAS device for storage and/or backup of eCS systems across the network. Some discussion of available hardware will be included, along with various copy/transport/archiving techniques.
Neil Waldhauer Using iPad with eComStation This presentation shows how smart devices can be used to give access to data stored on an eComStation system.
Menso de Jong History and future of eComStation TBA
David Azarewicz Device Drivers: What is coming from Arca Noae This session will present an outline of what is coming soon from Arca Noae in terms of device driver updates. David will discuss fixes and enhancements, as well as how and where to submit bug reports.
Jan van Wijk DFSee 12.x overview An overview of the functionality in the DFSee disk analysis and recovery tool DFSee, with emphasis on new feature added since 2008 (version 9 through 12). After a brief presentation there will be enough room for questions and perhaps some demos on usage of DFSee.
Jan van Wijk Disk partition and filesystems basics A brief overview of disk partitioning, including OS/2 LVM and GPT style, and a summary of the on-disk structures of several filesystems. Some hands-on using DFSee itself, driven by questions asked.
Gregg Young OS/2's Open Source Community Needs You!
Adopting an Open Source Project.
The presentation will review the different kinds of contributions users and programmers can make to an open source project. It will focus on getting the tools and setting up environments for building existing programs. This is the first step towards contributing both code and other resources. Open Watcom will be the primary compiler considered but GCC will be looked at in regards to porting.
Lars Erdmann OS/2 USB Stack panel discussion of the OS/2 USB stack with attention to Mass Storage
Andy Willis Building open source programs on OS/2 TBA
Paul Smedley Helping Unix Ports The session will inform you on helping Paul continue to port valuable software from the open-source world to OS/2.
  • Background
  • How I got started in porting
  • Information on how to get started in porting
  • Resources to help new porters
  • If I can't port, how else can I help
  • Current challenges in porting
  • Future challenges in porting
  • Q & A
Lewis Rosenthal Introducing Arca Noae This session will describe the mission of Arca Noae, where Arca Noae fits in, complementing Mensys/XEU as well as other open source venues (Netlabs), and our strategic alliance with bww bitwise works GmbH.
Steven Levine Troubleshooting OS/2 Software All you ever wanted to know about figuring out what's gone wrong.
John Edwards Closing comments and drawing TBA

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