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Warpstock Corporation
Welcome to Warpstock Corporation
Thursday, June 13 2024 @ 03:46 AM

Bid Submission Outline

Bid Submission Outline

The bid shall include the following information:

1 Contact Information

The Event Team, composed of, but not limited to, the following positions:

  • Event Chair

  • Event Co-Chair

  • Facilities Coordinator

  • Volunteer Coordinator

For each person on the Team (as listed above):

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Position

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact E-mail Address

  • Contact Postal Mail Address

2 Dates

  • Proposed dates for Warpstock?

  • Any conflicting trade shows (Comdex, Internet World, etc.)?

  • Any trade shows just before or after Warpstock to make it easier, and more reason to travel? (i.e. can someone combine a trip)

3 Geography

  • Why is this city a good location for Warpstock?

  • What special advantages does it offer?

  • What disadvantages need to be coped with?

4 Travel

  • What options are available for out-of-towners?

  • Hotel prices, or other lodging arrangements?

  • Airports?

  • Amtrak service?

  • Driving ease?

  • Representative airfares from the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Munich, London, Sydney, Atlanta, Brussels, Amsterdam.

5 Facilities

Where will Warpstock be held? (List all choices being considered) How many people can be accommodated? How many rooms are available for presentations, with what capacity? Where will the exhibit hall be? What other advantages --and disadvantages-- does the facility have? What about the site's proximity to hotel, food, and airports?

The bid may list several sites that are being considered. Pros and cons between the sites should be noted.

6 Event Planning

Please give a brief description of the event planning, including presentations, exhibit hall, wifi access and social activities.

7 Everything Else

How will you market Warpstock, so that the target audience learns about it, and realizes that it simply must attend? What unique advantages would attendees have, by attending a Warpstock in YOUR city? In other words, why should we choose you, instead of the other guys? How are you going to get more attendees interested and reach into new markets?

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