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Warpstock Corporation
Welcome to Warpstock Corporation
Monday, October 03 2022 @ 06:44 PM
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From the OS/2 Museum Archives: Free Software & Books

ArchiveIn past years, Warpstock has offered via raffle and later, via direct giveaway, various donated items to our attendees. This year, in an effort to streamline the process and to open up the offering to an even wider audience, we have the following materials available for direct transfer via USPS:


IBM's Official OS/2 Warp faqs by Mike Kaply & Tim Sipples
Just Add OS/2 Warp (shrink wrapped)

Software (boxed)

OS/2 Warp Version 3 - 3.5 Disks (5 4 sets)
OS/2 for Windows Version 2.1 3.5 Disks Special Edition for use with Windows Version 3.1 (shrink wrapped)
OS/2 for Windows Version 2.1 3.5 Disks Special Edition for use with Windows Version 3.1
OS/2 Version 2.1 3.5 Disks Upgrade Edition

If you would like one or more of these packages, please send a note directly to treasurer [at] warpstock [dot] org, along with your shipping address. Note that there will be no cost to the recipient for US domestic shipping.

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Warpstock 2010 hats, shirts, mugs, and other swag

ArchiveOfficial Warpstock 2010 merchandise is now available in our store. All items feature the official event logo, commemorating Waterloo's rich history. These items are bound to be conversation starters wherever you go.

Dads, Father's Day is coming. If you're like me, the inevitable conversation at the dinner table for the couple weeks before centers around "what do you want this year?" Why not plant the suggestion of some great Warpstock stuff?

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Warpstock in the news

ArchiveThere is an article on InfoWorld mentioning Warpstock.,4
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Warpstock 2010: Call for Papers

ArchiveWarpstock 2010 will be held from August 6 to 8. 2010. Warpstock Corporation is calling for presentations on topics related to OS/2 and eComStation. If you would like to make a presentation, please send an e-mail with the proposed topic to Neil Waldhauer, presenters(At)warpstock{dot}org. Your proposal should contain a title and one paragraph synopsis of the topic to be presented. There are many new topics and some old ones that are desired. If you would like a list of desired topics, please contact Neil at the address above. You may also submit your proposal at:
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Warpstock 2010 Information

ArchiveThe Warpstock 2010 page and the registration pages are officially available:

The proposed list of sessions is now available:

The location chosen is the University of Waterloo campus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The dates for Warpstock 2010 are August 6 to 8, 2010.
All registrations must be received by June 30. See the registration page for details:

The Warpstock 2010 logo has been chosen and is available for those wishing to
show support by adding it to their site:

As a reminder for those in the USA, a passport is now required to travel between
the USA and Canada:

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Return of the Amazon Search

ArchiveThanks to the wonders of Javascript, we now have a fully functional Amazon Search box. Feel free to select one of Amazon's features in the block (hover over one for a popup view) or fine tune your search in the box at the top. Your results will appear in the block, and if you click through to make a purchase, Warpstock gets credit. This is a no-cost way for you to support the all-volunteer efforts of Warpstock, and we thank you in advance for helping out!
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Amazon Search Link

ArchivePlease feel free to avail yourself of the link to Amazon's main page, located on the right. Until the integrated Amazon search is re-written, this will at least take you where you need to go, and benefit Warpstock, as well.

Thanks for your support!
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Amazon Search temporarily disabled

ArchiveUnfortunately, due to a major change in the Amazon web API, our Amazon search plugin (which is quite dated, I'm afraid), is no longer functional. On the upside, this is probably a good thing, as I've needed to fix it for some other reasons and was simply stalling that off until I got some free time. Now, I'll have to work over the code.
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Warpstock 2009 Commuter Registrations Still Available

ArchiveThe Board of Directors and the Event Team are pleased to announce that while resident registrations are now closed, commuters may still register. This includes full conference commuters as well as daily attendees. In addition, walk-in registrations will be available. Please visit the registration page for more details.
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Warpstock 2009 Registration Deadline Extended to July 7

ArchiveThe original registration deadline for Warpstock 2009 has been extended to midnight, July 7. As we are under a strict contract to provide attendance numbers to the University, we cannot accept registrations beyond that date.