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Thursday, August 11 2022 @ 11:34 AM

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 Part live, part virtual for 2009
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 August 20 2008 20:48 PM (Read 86451 times)  
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We (the Board and several others from around the globe) are kicking around the idea of having a partially virtual event for 2009, with some live sessions in perhaps more than one location simultaneously, and live and/or recorded (preferably live) webconferences/webcasts from other parts of the globe, bringing in speakers we might not otherwise be able to get.

I'd like to solicit some thoughts on this, particularly insofar as technology for the webconferencing/webcasting is concerned, and also for sheer logistics related to the time differentials and how we could work scheduling for, say, live events held in -0400 EDT and -0700 EDT with speakers in GMT, +0400, and even +1200.


Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLP, CLE, CWTS, EA Treasurer, Warpstock Corporation
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 September 29 2008 14:02 PM  
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I think this is an excellent idea. Perhaps charge a small fee to those who want to attend 'virtually' when they are unable to attend physically. It could offset the cost of the equipment and time used to set it up? Question Idea

TomLeeM aka BigWarpGuy aka BigGoofyGuy TomLeeM Art Stuff (my art on stuff).
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Sheldon Britton
 September 29 2008 20:09 PM  
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Why did someone not come up with this idea a long,long time ago; and, incidentally this is a similar idea that I have been kicking around for an "Annual Reunion Dinner" for the staff of an Development Bank in South America I used to work for.

Nothing before its time they say!

God willing... whenever this event takes place I will be there - either in person or virtually.

This is just great.

Thanks BigWarpGuy for posting on OS/2 World.