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Warpstock Corporation
Welcome to Warpstock Corporation
Saturday, June 22 2024 @ 06:34 PM

Warpstock 2022 Sessions

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Neil Waldhauer Opening comments Welcome to Warpstock
Neil Waldhauer Introducing Attendees Attendees take turns explaining what they do with OS/2
Sigurd Fastenrath Joint session with OS/2 user group meeting in Cologne needs to be 9:00 AM Saturday (15:00 Berlin)
Martín Itúrbide Hobbes/Files Reorganization project This talk will be about Martin's experience reorganizing the Hobbes OS/2 files repository. He will talk about the rules he had to define, the undefine rules, community feedback and motivation to try to organize all those files.
Martín Itúrbide a demo of USB gamepad on ArcaOS There had been in the wild for some time an experimental driver to make USB gamepads run on OS/2. Martin will explain those drivers and make a live demo of some old OS/2 and DOS games running with a USB modern gamepad.
Roderick Klein Secure Boot and UEFI on ArcaOS Demonstration and Explanation of Secure Boot on ArcaOS which is a project of OS/2 VOICE. A general discussion of UEFI is included.
Steven Reed The Evolution of OS/2 Poker
  • Demonstrate and review the first version of OS/2 Poker
  • Demonstrate and review version 2.0 of OS/2 Poker
  • High level discussion of the software evolution and changes and differences from version 1.0
    Lewis Rosenthal Upgrading to ArcaOS 5.1

    In this session, Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, will discuss various upgrade scenarios from ArcaOS 5.0 to 5.1, from licensing to subscription channel changes to software installation.

    What's supported? What's not? What happens to remaining 5.0 support when a license is upgraded to 5.1? Is there a discount for having a current support subscription? What if support expired two years ago? How to change language? Installation environment? These questions and more will be answered in this not-to-be-missed presentation.

    Roderick Klein Update from BitWise Works Including a demonstration of the new browser.
    Jan van Wijk DFSee, a brief overview and status update A short introduction of DFSee functionality, some history, but more important, its current status and foreseeable future.
    Gregg Young Porting QT5 Applications to OS2 Setup and tips for compiling QT5 applications on OS2
    Alex Taylor High-Resolution OS/2 Monitors and laptops with very high resolutions and/or pixel density are increasingly the norm. This presentation looks at ways of running OS/2 on such systems without needing a jeweller's eyepiece.
    Roundtable Sharing LAN setups no specific presenter, volunteers will take turns describing their unique LAN setups.

    I bet a lot of other OS/2 users also have nifty home LAN setups. -- Alex Taylor
    Roderick Klein Audio in DOS and WIN/OS2 sessions The DTA project was started orginally as a small project by IBM to provide audio support in WIN/OS2 sessions. It later got developed further by a British developer named John Gow. I was involved with the beta testing. In this presentation I will explain how the the DTA works and how Soundblaster support in VDM session could be added.
    Lewis Rosenthal ArcaOS Roadmap In this session, Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae, LLC, will discuss the extended maintenance cycle for the 5.0 release and the current status of 5.1 development, including major new features such as UEFI and GPT support.
    John Edwards Closing comments Warpstock 2022 wrap-up

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