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Saturday, June 15 2024 @ 11:18 PM

An Invitation to Present at Warpstock 2006.

ArchiveThe Tenth Annual Warpstock Conference

Date: October 12 - 15, 2006

Location: Windsor, Ontario. Canada

Warpstock 2005, in Hershey, PA. was a successful celebration of the strengths and features of eComStation.Warpstock 2006 will be bigger and better.The Warpstock Board invites you to join this 10th Annual congregation of vendors, developers, and users to share and learn about the outstanding advantages, features, and software for eComStation.

Create your own Conference! Help by recommending, or nominating a presentation or presenter you would like to hear/see at Warpstock 2006.

Warpstock 2006 Proposed Planning Schedule:

1. Contact of and recruitment of Presenters.January through March 30, 2006.

2. April 2006. Posting on the Warpstock 2006 site of confirmed Presenters and Sessions along with the extensive Social Program.Note: Tentative timetabling only at this time, ie Thursday +/ Friday lumped together.We will have a 'named by email' open vote by eComStation user to identify the sessions they want most 1st, 2nd, 3rd,... to least.These will be matrixed and evaluated for popularity and` minimization of conflicts.This should address the only major complaint from Warpstock 2005.

3. May 01, 2006, voting ends and the Warpstock 2006 timetable will be constructed.Presenters who commit after this process will have to accept whatever time slots are available. We will, however, try to accommodate everyone.

4. June 01, 2006. Final Announcement of the Technical and Social Program Details (subject to adjustments of course).Registration will open for both. Warpstock 2006 promotions begin with the awesome sessions you have helped us put together.

Proposed Warpstock 2006 Schedule

There will be both a technical program and a social program. The technical program will follow the form used at recent Warpstocks with intensive sessions on Thursday and Friday and shorter presentations on Saturday and Sunday.

The social program is tentatively planned to have on Thursday, a tour of Hiram Walker (Canada Club Brand) and either a dine-around on Erie Street (Italian restaurants) or a dinner at a 'Canadian' restaurant. On Friday, it is hoped to confirm a tour of an automotive manufacturing plant. On Saturday I am arranging a tour of Henry Ford Greenfield Museum, and IMAX move, and dinner in Dearborn Michigan.

These items are currently under negotiation but are mentioned so you are aware of what is planned.

The following form is intended to carry information through a process of Nomination, Confirmation, and Website Posting, andfinally, the creation of the Warpstock 2006 Program.

Step 1: A Nominator should complete the Form, about a Presenter and potential topic and forward itto the Presentation Coordinator for coordination. .For a second or third topic of presentation please copy and complete an additional Form .

Step 2: The Program Chair will send the form with instructions tothe Presenter for completion of the remaining details and acceptance by the Presenter.

Step 3: The Program Chair will then post the Presenter's information on the website.
It is hoped that these exchanges will be completed by Mid-July allowing for creation of the Warpstock 2005 schedule.This will permit attendees to know what is offered on a particular day or time when they register.Hopefully this will encourage attendance.

Nominate someone: Send a shore email to : suggesting your choice for a a presentation or presenter.

Presenter's Name:
Email Address:
Title of Session:
Short Title of Presentation
Desired Track: Choose from: Programming, Demonstration,Advocacy,
Networking,or Other (explain other).
Desired Time Length:Choose from 60 min, 90 min, 180 min, 3 hrs, 6hrs.
Possible # of Reps: Choose from 0, or 1, or 2
Preferred Date/Time: (Delete unwanted time slots:)
Thursday AM Thursday PM
Friday AM Friday PM
Saturday AM Saturday PM
Sunday AM Sunday PM

Long Title: Less than 15 word please. This short descriptor will become the subtitle in the daily schedule.

Long Description: Create an approximate 50 word description of the content of your presentation and what attendees will learn by selecting it.
Intended Audience: Describe the characteristics of people you feel would benefit from you presentation.

Special Needs: An powerbar outlet, lcd projector, screen,and internet connection will be provided.

Attendee Requisites: What knowledge and / or equipment should attendees to your session have or bring with them.

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