Letter to attendees

We are looking forward to seeing you at Warpstock 2022 next month on November 4-6 in Orlando. We are going to include some participatory sessions that you are invited to join during the conference. Here is a summary of those sessions.

We want you to know the details of one of the presentations. The presentation, on Saturday at 3:00 PM, is called Roundtable: Sharing LAN setups, and it has no specific presenter. Volunteers will take turns describing their unique LAN setups. This session was suggested by Alex Taylor, who said “I bet a lot of other OS/2 users also have nifty home LAN setups.” We are asking participants, if they have an LAN setup that includes OS/2, to share some of the details.

Another presentation we'd like to bring up, on Sunday at 9:00 AM, is a demo of USB gamepad on ArcaOS by Martín Itúrbide. There had been in the wild for some time an experimental driver to make USB gamepads run on OS/2. Martin will explain those drivers and make a live demo of some old OS/2 and DOS games running with a USB modern gamepad. If you have a gaming peripheral that works with OS/2, please bring it and demonstrate to the other attendees.

We plan to have a brief on-line conference on Saturday at 9:00 AM with participants of the User group meeting in Cologne. This is a chance to say “Hi” to OS/2 users in Germany.

Daylight Savings Time changes during the conference.Details here.

Warpstock Corporation