Subject: Suggestions for 2022? on east coast?

Posted on: August 09 2021 @ 08:54 PM
By: BigWarpGuy


Could it be on the east coast? (hoping for something closer to me. Big Grin ). Perhaps in the north east of the USA? Cool
(perhaps just wishful thinking but it is nice to dream).

I think Portsmouth NH is a neat town.

Hampton Beach NH is great but I am not sure if one can have a conference there.

There is also Manchester NH.

I live in Newburyport MA but I am not sure if there are any hotels where one can hold a conference.

There are lots of conferences in Boston MA but too crowded and too expensive?

lots of time to check out more. Cool


Re: Suggestions for 2022? on east coast?

Posted on: July 23 2022 @ 10:20 PM
By: LewisR


Late reply...sorry...

2023 might be toward the northeast, unless we consider the west coast again (haven't been west of the Mississippi for a while.

We looked at the Boston area a few years ago, but it seemed that transport from the airport to the hotels we were considering could have been problematic for some attendees.

Still, New England is surely something to consider. Thanks for the links!

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