Warpstock presentation announcment: Jan van Wijk

Wednesday, September 10 2014 @ 02:30 AM

Contributed by: LewisR

Warpstock is pleased to announce two presentations by Jan van Wijk.

1) DFSee 12.x overview, demo and Q&A

An overview of the functionality in the DFSee disk analysis and recovery tool DFSee, with emphasis on new features added since 2008 (version 9 through 12). After a brief presentation there will be enough time for questions and perhaps some demos on usage of DFSee.

2) Disk partition and file system basics, with DFSee demos and Q&A

A brief overview of disk partitioning, including OS/2 LVM and GPT style, and a summary of the on-disk structures of several file systems.
Some hands-on using DFSee itself, driven by questions asked.

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