Warpstock 2011 a Great Success!

Monday, October 17 2011 @ 11:04 AM

Contributed by: LewisR

It's official: Warpstock 2011 was a great success.

Throughout the course of the weekend, I kept hearing about how good the food was, how comfortable the accommodations were, how fantastic dinner at The Pit was on Saturday, and of course (over and over), how informative and well done the presentations were. The Warpstock Board is eternally grateful to all who participated and worked so hard to make this year's event happen.

A special thanks to our Meeting Coordinator, Rima Bose of Meeting Smart, for her tireless efforts at finding us the venue, presenting us with options for the social outing, for arranging transportation for Saturday night, and for negotiating such excellent contracts for us.

Please contact us for Rima's info if you have an upcoming event or know of someone who may benefit from her services.

Warpstock is only ever as good as the people in attendance, no matter what the program may be. If you attended this year's conference, thank you so much for participating, and we sincerely hope to see you at another Warpstock event.

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