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Wednesday, July 28 2021 @ 11:05 PM

Contributed by: Blonde Guy

Warpstock PSA

Warpstock Corporation is a not for profit organization of volunteers dedicated to promoting education, information, and social pportunities to those persons interested in computer operating systems and related software through the production of at least an annual technology conference.

What this really means is that we have a small core group of people working to maintain public awareness of computer operating systems outside the mainstream, helping to ensure that they know about the choices they have in personal computing today.

The Warpstock conference has been meeting every year since 1997. There was no meeting in 2020 due to the pandemic. We ran an on-line event that was, in our opinion, less than satisfactory for our participants. This year the Warpstock conference will be an on-line event again. We miss having an in-person event, and hope to be able to hold one in the future. In the interim, it is our goal to still provide a valuable experience for our virtual attendees.

While our statement of purpose is for computer education, we specialize in the technology of IBM OS/2 Warp operating system, and also in ArcaOS, a current operating system based on IBM OS/2 technology. We are interested both in the history of OS/2 and in the current development of ArcaOS on current PC hardware.

For that reason, we are seeking a person or persons to join us in producing an excellent on-line conference specializing in OS/2 and ArcaOS. We already have presenters, but we lack the ability to give a truly engaging on-line conference. We are trying to serve a group of generally mature computer pioneers, from retired IT professionals to still-enthusiastic home users. If you are a user of OS/2 looking to engage with the existing community, that would be a big plus. What we need is someone with the experience, personality, and skill to keep our presentation agenda going and our audience engaged.

Thanks from the Warpstock Board of Directors for watching our video. Contact us by e-mail at presenters@warpstock.org if you think you can help us make this year's Warpstock a success.

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