Booking flights for this year's event - DO IT NOW

Tuesday, July 23 2019 @ 11:32 PM

Contributed by: LewisR

The news around the globe is replete with reports that the continued grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX is disrupting carrier flight schedules for many airlines, even those not heavily reliant upon that equipment. In addition, due to the shuffling and reshuffling of pilots, crews, routes, and other "necessities of air travel," even routes not normally handled by these planes are being adversely affected. Don't wait to book your flights until the last minute!

Many of us wait for great deals which crop up routinely during the long wait between the announcement of the Warpstock event location and when we actually need to "hit the road" (or skies, as the case may be). This year, however, be mindful of this extra concern, and don't wait until it's too late. Check often for travel deals and take advantage of what you see, instead of holding out for a better one.

If you haven't yet registered for Warpstock, why wait? You can still save a few $$ by booking before August 1, so do it now! We are regularly adding more sessions to the schedule, and if you don't see something of interest, yet, just ask!

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